Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), is a heart condition that can often times be fatal.  There have been many articles and reports about the uptick in this condition with the introduction of grain free dog foods.  The AKC Family Dog (Jan/Feb) issue has an article worth reading and telling your friends about.  We all want our dogs to live a long and healthy life.  And I know that sometimes it’s hard to resist bringing home a new treat, or the latest trend because we all like to spoil our dogs too.  However, I have found over many years of owning and breeding dogs, that it’s best to keep things simple.  I personally don’t recommend grain free, and never have.  The proper balance is most important.  Dog Food Advisors has a ton of info to research for dog food. For treats, our dogs get baby carrots and apple slices, because biscuits add too many calories and rawhide can be difficult to digest.