Jubilee at 9 weeks(click for photos)

Jubilee is living in the country in Michigan, with lots of room to run, play, and explore.  Obviously, the running will wear out a 9 week old puppy rather quickly!   We know Jubilee will have tons of love and attention, and also has a furry friend (Dubious)to become best buddies with too.

Bubba at 9 weeks(click for photos)

Heather and Craig named their new puppy after our Bubba.  He is the third puppy they have homed from us over the years, and they have great affection for our big boy Bubba.  Their new little boy will no doubt grow into a VERY handsome boy himself!!

Oona at 9 weeks (click for photos)

Joy’s little girl Oona is the best Christmas present she’s ever had. Oona lives close to Minnehaha Falls in MN and will enjoy lots of walks in the beautiful park this Summer. Joy has a new best friend, and Oona has lots of new toys!

Cali at 9 weeks (click for photos)

Cali lives in Somerset, Wisconsin. This is her first Christmas and her first official visit to her local Vet for her 9 week check-up. She is from our latest litter of 8 from Rosie and Goldberry’s Wille.