We have new puppies!!

Maddie and Bubba had a litter of 12 beautiful pups on May 10th!  She had 2 females and 10 males. We do have males available. They will be ready for their forever homes the week of July 4th. Call or text 612-309-1438 or fill out our pupper questionnaire on the “I want one” page and we’ll respond quickly.

Happy 5th Birthday (Pearl & Joe’s litter)




We just had a 5th birthday for Pearl and Joe’s litter of 12.  We did receive a few photos to share.  We have Winston (gray collar), who lives in MN with his younger sister from another one of our litters, Maggie.  Winton loves to play wiffleball, go for walks, and enjoys lounging on his favorite blue chair.  Finley (black collar) lives outside of Chicago with his older brother from another one of our litters, Bear.  They are beautiful boys!  Stella (light pink) was the largest girl in the litter and it looks like she’s held up to that, very pretty, she also lives in MN.  Our Maddie was the smallest female (dark pink collar) and she bonded to me before she even opened her eyes, so that’s how we chose her.

2 more boys from Maddie & Bubba (6 mos old)

We have had two more responses to our 6 month old request for photos!  Bubba lives in North Branch MN and resides with long time clients that have known our big boy Bubba since he was a puppy.  They love him and wanted to honor him by naming their boy Bubba also.  Bubba Jr was the blue collar boy.  Atticus lives in a suburb south of the Twin Cities with several other furry friends.  He was named as a tribute to “Maddie” and he is called “Atti”.  He was the adorable little purple boy.