Bess and Camilla from June 6 Litter

Camilla and Bess are lovely littermates from Rose and Bubba’s litter born this June.  Camilla lives in Texas and you see her pictured on the first day of school with lots of love from the girls.  Bess lives in Boston and she also has a very loving family.  Shown here in a regal pose guarding the homestead!

Louie photos

Louie is from Maddie and Bubba’s litter this March.  He lives in Mn and gets to enjoy a loving family.  He also has lots of acreage to explore and run as well as a lake to swim!

Rosie and Bubba’s puppies

Rosie and Bubba had a beautiful litter of seven on June 6th.  We look forward to many updates from their forever families over the years. Their names are Camilla, Zoey, Lily, Bess, Kaya, Indy, and Gunner.