Bo & Bentley turned 1 on 3/21/2023

Bo and Bentley are a handsome pair of brothers from Maddie and Bubba’s litter 3/21/2022.  Bentley looks like Maddie and Bo looks like Bubba, very sweet!  They have an adoring family that spoils them with lots of love, toys, and a great lake place to enjoy in the Summer.  They also just added a little adopted playmate for the boys, Mia.  This canine family lives in Canada.

Sweet Bubba sleeping

We all love our Labradors.  And I don’t know about you, but to me, it’s kind of like watching a newborn sleeping.  They are just so sweet when they are curled up, snuggly and comfy!  This is Bubba, Heather and Craig’s boy.  So handsome and so sweet.


Louie from Maddie and Bubba litter

Louie is the white collar boy from Maddie and Bubba this Spring, he’s 6 months old and lives on a terrific spot with acreage and a lake in rural MN.  His family reports that he is the smartest, most loyal Lab they’ve ever had. He goes everywhere with them, loves to ride in the car and on the UTV. SO handsome, he already looks like his papa, Bubba.