2 more boys from Maddie & Bubba (6 mos old)

We have had two more responses to our 6 month old request for photos!  Bubba lives in North Branch MN and resides with long time clients that have known our big boy Bubba since he was a puppy.  They love him and wanted to honor him by naming their boy Bubba also.  Bubba Jr was the blue collar boy.  Atticus lives in a suburb south of the Twin Cities with several other furry friends.  He was named as a tribute to “Maddie” and he is called “Atti”.  He was the adorable little purple boy.

Guinness update

This beautiful big boy Labrador is one of the reasons we love these dogs!  He is the epitome of what we like in our males with the thick chest, blocky head, and oh so lovable demeanor.  Guinness lives in Pennsylvania with his owners Kurt and Janet, and he goes everywhere with them.  He’s so lucky to travel to many wonderful vacations spots all over the Country.

Bess photo shoot at age 1

Bess just turned 1 0n June 6th and she is a Rosie/Bubba puppy.  She had a wonderful birthday with lots of surprises, which also included a professional photo shoot.  Bess lives in Boston with her loving family and we’re so happy to share these pics of their beautiful girl.

Rose & Bubba’s litter turns 1

Happy Birthday to Rose and Bubba’s puppies born June 6th, 2022!  We have Bess(pink), Camilla(white), Kaya(purple), Lily(green), Zoey(yellow), Gunner(red), and Indy(blue).  Lily lives in Indiana, Bess lives in Boston, Camilla lives in Texas, and the rest of the gang live here in Minnesota.  Everyone reports their puppy is smart, loving, and playful.  We have a couple of hunters in Gunner and Kaya, both are naturals with commands and performance.  They are all fortunate to enjoy swimming on a regular basis, either lake or pool.  A couple of traits that may have been passed from Rose and Bubba.  Rose doesn’t bark unless she has good reason to, and she loves to tease you into taking away her toys with a friendly, playful growl.  Bubba also was not a barker, but when he did, it was loud and protective.  Funny how puppies can take on traits, like kids do from their parents.  Enjoy comparing your pup with their littermates.  Thanks to all for providing these photos and Happy Birthday to all!