Happy 5th Birthday (Pearl & Joe’s litter)




We just had a 5th birthday for Pearl and Joe’s litter of 12.  We did receive a few photos to share.  We have Winston (gray collar), who lives in MN with his younger sister from another one of our litters, Maggie.  Winton loves to play wiffleball, go for walks, and enjoys lounging on his favorite blue chair.  Finley (black collar) lives outside of Chicago with his older brother from another one of our litters, Bear.  They are beautiful boys!  Stella (light pink) was the largest girl in the litter and it looks like she’s held up to that, very pretty, she also lives in MN.  Our Maddie was the smallest female (dark pink collar) and she bonded to me before she even opened her eyes, so that’s how we chose her.

Bo & Bentley say hello from Canada

Bo and Bentley are brothers from the same litter.  Born in March of 2022 to Maddie and Bubba, and they live in Canada with a wonderful family.  They have another canine companion in the house too, Mia was adopted after the boys were several months old.  They enjoy lots of love, toys and attention and also get to go the cabin for lake time in the Summer.

A few Christmas pics

We are always happy to get photos and updates of our offspring!  Sully, Jet, Dolly (looks like Dolly got to open her own gifts!), and Bubba(named after his papa)were from Maddie and Bubba’s litter in September and they are almost 4 months old now.  Finnley is Maddie’s brother from Pearl and Joe’s litter April of 2019.  Finnley lives with our Godson’s family and has a canine friend, Ranger and a sweet 2 year old toddler named Maverick.

Happy 4th Birthday to Pearl and Joe’s puppies

We are so proud to wish this beautiful litter a Happy 4th birthday!  This was Pearl’s last litter before she retired to the spoiled “couch potato” life with 2 of her daughters, Maddie and Rosie.  Thank you to the puppy owners that sent photos, we love to see how beautifully they grow and thrive.  We have pictured, our Maddie, Mimi, Stella O., Finley C., Barkley, Winston, and Teemo.  We had 2 Finley’s and 2 Stella’s in this litter, however, did not get a current photo from everyone.  Most of the littermates reside in Minnesota.  Finley C. lives in Illinois with his brother from another litter, Bear.  And Barkley lives in New York state.  Thanks again for the updates, these photos show people how nice our dogs are.