Puppy photos of Maddie & Bubba’s little ones

We have received some photos since Maddie and Bubba’s puppies went to their forever homes in October.  Shelby (pink) lives in Florida.  Indie (yellow) and Olive (white) both live near San Francisco. Their owners are good friends and they live close enough to have play dates and watch the pups grow up near each other.  You can see, they were quite a big hit on the flight home from MN!!  Sadie (orange) made the Instagram page on her latest visit to the Vet.  Sadie lives in Illinois with her canine playmate Archie, who is Maddie’s brother!  Atticus (purple) “Atti” lives in MN and went home to a very welcoming house full of furry friends, both dogs and cats to enjoy!

Happy 2nd Birthday ARCHIE

  Archie lives in Riverwoods,Illinois. He turned 2 this week on April 6th, and he was the red collar boy.  We were fortunate to get several updated photos of his littermates! This was a Pearl and Joe litter.

White Lab Maisy is 7 yrs old

Sophia and her dad Jim drove up from Illinois to get this puppy when she was in the 5th grade, 7 years ago.  Sophia has sent updates anytime we requested and I know Maisy has been very close to her and the family, they love her very much!