Louie from Maddie and Bubba litter

Louie is the white collar boy from Maddie and Bubba this Spring, he’s 6 months old and lives on a terrific spot with acreage and a lake in rural MN.  His family reports that he is the smartest, most loyal Lab they’ve ever had. He goes everywhere with them, loves to ride in the car and on the UTV. SO handsome, he already looks like his papa, Bubba.

Willow from Maddie x Bubba litter

Hey there!

Willow (aka dark pink) is doing great and has become such a big part of our family already. Some of her favorite past times include: walks in the woods, eating, chewing sticks, chasing balls, and snuggling with her family. One of my rules was to not have her on furniture, but you see how that’s going! 😆 These pics are all recent, but she spent a lot of the summer at the baseball fields, getting lots of fresh air and attention.  Maggie S.

Cooper from Maddie x Bubba litter

Life with Cooper Pooper ( yes, the name stuck with him 😆); is never dull!  He still LOVES belly rubs and does a cute little growl if you stop before he is ready.  Our ( not so little anymore) purple collared boy is very energetic and wants love and attention all the time, which of course he gets!!  He has sit, lay down, shake, and roll over command’s down. We are still working on stay, and the defiant down, and no.  Cooper is good tempered and cuddly little guy and we love him very much!!