Frequently Asked Labrador Questions

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Are Labradors good family dogs?
There is a reason the Labrador Retriever has been voted America’s #1 breed for 31 years in a row. They love kids; they love everyone.
Do Labradors shed a lot?
Labradors have a long hair gene or a short hair gene. The longer hair might shed a bit more, but regular brushing keeps shedding to a minimum.
How much do white Labs cost?
You can find Yellow/white Labs as inexpensive as $1000-$1500. However, the best breeders do health testing and breed for health, temperament, and looks. Our puppies are $3200 +MN tax.
Are Labradors good with kids?
You will find that the English style Labrador has a very calm, loving, and tolerant demeanor. They are the ultimate playmate for a baby, and for children.
Labradors are very good with babies and small children.
How do Labs get along with other animals/pets?
The Labrador will make friends with any and all pets in the household; they love companionship.
Are Labs high maintenance dogs?
Labradors will be as active or sedentary as their owner. Every dog likes exercise, and Labs do too. However, if their owner is not able to go for daily walks, the Lab is also happy to be a lazy companion.
Is it important to have health testing?
Health testing is important for all breeds, especially a fast growing breed like the Labrador. Hips, elbows, eyes, and a DNA blood panel targeting possible diseases specific to the Lab and large breed dogs is done on all of our Labs prior to breeding them.
How big do Labradors get?
Depending on the Sire and Dam, typically a male can be 75-90 pounds and a female between 50-75 pounds.
Are Labs good bird hunting dogs?
Labrador Retrievers are wonderful bird hunting dogs. Their thick coats are ideal for duck and goose hunting in the fall.
Are Labs good fisherman?
Some Labs like to fish, especially if the grow up near water. They are natural swimmers and love to retrieve, so it’s not unusual for them to catch fish!
Tinkerbells first fish
Do Labradors make good watchdogs?
The loyalty of a Lab is unwavering. And, although their demeanor is very sweet, they will protect their own.
How are the English style Lab different from the American Lab?
The stature of the English Lab is more muscular with a blocky head. The personality is much more calm, making them wonderful for family and for service dogs.
Does the AKC recognize white Labradors?
There are many colors of Labs being bred these days. However, the AKC only recognizes the Black, Yellow, and Chocolate Labradors. White Labs are technically Yellow, just lighter.
Do white Labs change color as they age?
Some do, most of them do not. The black pigment in their nose can fade a bit also.