Rose x Willie 1 yr old Bubba & Murphy

We were fortunate to have several great photos to post on their birthday weekend. We have Oona(lime collar), Cali(pink collar), Bubba(red collar), Murphy(black collar), Jubilee(blue collar), and King(green collar).  All report being happy, smart, and spoiled!

White Lab Hank is 7 years old

We’re so fortunate that many of our clients keep us up to date on the puppies we raise for them.  Hank is 7, just had a birthday last week.  He is the son of Mikko and Moses.  As you can see, he lives with his best friend, Hunter. (Hunter is from a litter prior to Hank)  They live in Washington state.

Protect your Labrador with Spring coming

Just a friendly reminder to be sure your dogs are protected with flea and tick coverage.  Ask your Vet which one they recommend for the area where you live.  There are so many ailments that tick diseases are attributed to that can affect your pet for many years.  I...

Baxter Lake Labradors 6 month puppy updates

How fun to see some photos and hear from our puppy owners!  So far, we have new pics of Finley O (we have 2 Finleys, and 2 Stellas in this litter),  Mimi, Barkley, Winston, and Archie.  Everyone is reporting how fun, sweet, and loving their new puppies have been.  Having lots of fun with the dogs that welcomed them into their families too!