Cooper from Maddie x Bubba litter

Life with Cooper Pooper ( yes, the name stuck with him 😆); is never dull!  He still LOVES belly rubs and does a cute little growl if you stop before he is ready.  Our ( not so little anymore) purple collared boy is very energetic and wants love and attention all the time, which of course he gets!!  He has sit, lay down, shake, and roll over command’s down. We are still working on stay, and the defiant down, and no.  Cooper is good tempered and cuddly little guy and we love him very much!!

Rose x Willie 1 yr old Bubba & Murphy

We were fortunate to have several great photos to post on their birthday weekend. We have Oona(lime collar), Cali(pink collar), Bubba(red collar), Murphy(black collar), Jubilee(blue collar), and King(green collar).  All report being happy, smart, and spoiled!