Guinness update

This beautiful big boy Labrador is one of the reasons we love these dogs!  He is the epitome of what we like in our males with the thick chest, blocky head, and oh so lovable demeanor.  Guinness lives in Pennsylvania with his owners Kurt and Janet, and he goes everywhere with them.  He’s so lucky to travel to many wonderful vacations spots all over the Country.

Happy 4th Birthday to Pearl and Joe’s puppies

We are so proud to wish this beautiful litter a Happy 4th birthday!  This was Pearl’s last litter before she retired to the spoiled “couch potato” life with 2 of her daughters, Maddie and Rosie.  Thank you to the puppy owners that sent photos, we love to see how beautifully they grow and thrive.  We have pictured, our Maddie, Mimi, Stella O., Finley C., Barkley, Winston, and Teemo.  We had 2 Finley’s and 2 Stella’s in this litter, however, did not get a current photo from everyone.  Most of the littermates reside in Minnesota.  Finley C. lives in Illinois with his brother from another litter, Bear.  And Barkley lives in New York state.  Thanks again for the updates, these photos show people how nice our dogs are.

Handsome white Lab brothers Hunter and Hank

Hank & Hunter White Labrador RetrieversThis post is a tribute page to two of our favorite offspring.  Hunter and Hank are both out of Mikko and Moses, but 2 years apart in age.  Born in 2012 and 2014, they are both just as handsome and lovable as ever.  Hunter was the largest boy in his litter and Hank was the smallest.  Note the photo of Hunter when Hank was brought into the home, it takes a couple of days to realize this will be your best friend, but he did so quickly.  Hunter was also the only one home when the family was out to dinner celebrating a birthday and he is the true meaning of a “cake eater”!  But then Hank came into the picture and they’ve been inseparable ever since.  They live in Washington State in a lovely home on beautiful grounds with the most wonderful dog owners possible.  They are SO loved and we are so proud to be able to share so many great photos with all of you.