Guinness update

This beautiful big boy Labrador is one of the reasons we love these dogs!  He is the epitome of what we like in our males with the thick chest, blocky head, and oh so lovable demeanor.  Guinness lives in Pennsylvania with his owners Kurt and Janet, and he goes everywhere with them.  He’s so lucky to travel to many wonderful vacations spots all over the Country.

New Labrador in the house!

We are so happy to announce that we have a new puppy.  She comes from our friend and breeder in Washington State and has a wonderful Pedigree on both sides of her lineage, to include the very special Goldberry lines.  Introducing Baxter Lakes Sweet Sunshine!  My beloved mom, who has passed away, called me Sunshine throughout my life.  So that is how I came up with Sunny, it’s short for Sunshine.  She immediately attached herself to our Maddie and is still working her way into Rosie’s heart.  Rose is definitely amused with her but is not ready to tussle and play with her too much yet.  Sunny was easy to potty train and is learning our routine very quickly.  Adding her to the family helps us relate to what our clients go through when they adopt one of our puppies.  I always tell people that it’s like having a newborn baby, but I now think the toddler stage is more applicable to the experience.  I’ll be posting updated photos and videos as she grows. She’s smart and adorable, and we couldn’t be happier!

A few Christmas pics

We are always happy to get photos and updates of our offspring!  Sully, Jet, Dolly (looks like Dolly got to open her own gifts!), and Bubba(named after his papa)were from Maddie and Bubba’s litter in September and they are almost 4 months old now.  Finnley is Maddie’s brother from Pearl and Joe’s litter April of 2019.  Finnley lives with our Godson’s family and has a canine friend, Ranger and a sweet 2 year old toddler named Maverick.

Puppy photos of Maddie & Bubba’s little ones

We have received some photos since Maddie and Bubba’s puppies went to their forever homes in October.  Shelby (pink) lives in Florida.  Indie (yellow) and Olive (white) both live near San Francisco. Their owners are good friends and they live close enough to have play dates and watch the pups grow up near each other.  You can see, they were quite a big hit on the flight home from MN!!  Sadie (orange) made the Instagram page on her latest visit to the Vet.  Sadie lives in Illinois with her canine playmate Archie, who is Maddie’s brother!  Atticus (purple) “Atti” lives in MN and went home to a very welcoming house full of furry friends, both dogs and cats to enjoy!