Maggie turned 1 on 3/21/2022

Maggie (green) lives in Minnesota and loves running and playing in the deep snow we’vad this Winter. She has a handsome companion that is from our 2019 litter and named Winston, who is also Maddie’s brother.  Maggie is sweet, smart and gets lots of love and attention!

Liberty turned 1 on 3/21/2022

Liberty (pink) lives in Washington state.  She’s very smart and active.  Besides her human family, she has many canine companions to play with where she lives.  Her human parents are breeder friends of ours, so Liberty will be a mama herself in a couple years.  She’ll have beautiful puppies!

Kaia, Oashe, Camilla pics

We love to get updated photos! Here are a few new ones for you.  Kaia and Oashe are littermates from Rose and Bo and they were born 5/2021.  Camilla is from Bubba and Rose, born 6/22.


Sweet Bubba sleeping

We all love our Labradors.  And I don’t know about you, but to me, it’s kind of like watching a newborn sleeping.  They are just so sweet when they are curled up, snuggly and comfy!  This is Bubba, Heather and Craig’s boy.  So handsome and so sweet.