Good reports are coming in from our latest brood!  See the email from Anne and Mark, they welcomed Archie into their family and are thrilled.

“Hi Melinda,
I wanted to forward some pics of Archie to you and tell you how well he is doing! He is settling in and finding his confidence in our house. It is so fun to watch him discover new things and explore! But the absolute best thing is his greeting – his whole backside wiggles with his tail! We always said that our old dog, Daisy, loved our pack. I feel like Archie loves our pack too!

We loved that he was comfortable right away with Daisy’s old toys (we only kept a few really nice ones) and her bed (that she never slept on!). But everyone who comes to meet him has a gift in hand for him! It is hilarious to see the number of dog toys scattered around the sunroom and family room. But he plays with all of them!

We have been consistent with the door we go out to go potty, and he got that right away. He is so good in his kennel and sleeps through the night (10 to 5 am). It just took several nights for him to get used to it, and he never cries. When we get ice from the refrigerator, he stops what he is doing and runs over. He is such a smart little boy!

When I took him to the vet, he was so calm and they all loved him! They gave him a shot, took his temperature, squirt a bordetella vaccine up his nose and he never made a peep or fought it. Needless to say, he went straight to #1 patient for them!

We are having so much fun with him! Please know how loved he is!!”

It is such a joy to hear about these little ones! Continue to log on to to see updates on our offspring!